Four Centers
Trading Center

The trading center specializes on trades of petroleum, petrochemical, plastics, natural gas products, by using services, such as online trade transaction, specialized product showcasing, consolidated purchasing, and intermediary services.

Financing Center

Financing center provides services to clients in areas such as payments and settlements, free services, business insurance, online supply financing, etc.

Logistics Center

Logistics center is established through a combination of self-established logistics network, as well as the integration of third-party logistic foundations to achieve seamless logistics supervision, that utilizes cloud computing system architecture, to realize the fourth-party logistics platform. We also help clients with arranging truckload transportation services, truck broker services, logistics monitoring and supervision, transportation insurance, and payment collection services.

Information Center

Information services, enterprise services and professional services can be provided through our information center with collections of information on products database, enterprise database, and client database, that can be accessed through our website, weixin and mobile apps.

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